Summer is typically when people go on vacation. While you’re taking the time to relax, the furthest thing from your mind might be your teeth and dental hygiene. However, you should take care of your teeth even when you’re enjoying time off with family and friends.

Follow these simple care tips to make sure your teeth stay in tip-top shape this summer, no matter where you’re traveling.

1. Do All Routine and Needed Dental Care Before Leaving Home

A lot of people don’t worry much about making dental appointments during the summer, because the time is filled with family reunions, summer camps, road trips, and day excursions. However, you should make sure that you get needed dental work done before you go across the country and especially before you leave the country.

You shouldn’t postpone dental exams and procedures until you get home because if you do need dental work or if something is wrong, you don’t want to find out on vacation — especially if you are outside the country. If you have braces or any other orthodontics, then you should schedule a routine checkup before you leave.

In addition, getting needed dental work out of the way before you take a trip is a relief. That way, when you get back, you can focus on getting ready to go back to school without worrying about scheduling a last-minute dental appointment. You might come back to find every available time is booked solid.

2. Don’t Forget the Floss

In your hurry to make sure everyone has the right toiletry items for the trip, don’t forget the floss. So many people remember to pack their toothbrush but leave the floss.

To make remembering the floss easier, pack every person a bag of tooth care items with individual travel toothpaste, a travel brush, and flossers instead of a box of floss. Every family member can use their own flossers so that a large shared box of floss doesn’t get lost in someone’s travel bag.

3. Cover Up Your Brush

At home, it’s best to store your toothbrush upright where it can dry out, but preferably off the counter so that it doesn’t collect bacteria from other brushes. However, when you’re on vacation, you want to keep your brush clean, and this means covering it up.

Use a toothbrush cover to keep your bristles from getting contaminated, especially if you’ll be camping or sharing a bathroom in close quarters. To help keep bacteria on your brush from growing in the moist environment of the cover, rinse your brush very thoroughly after use, and shake the brush dry before replacing the cover.

4. Snack With Care

The most damage to teeth comes from the foods and beverages people eat. On vacation, your eating habits might not be as healthy or as predictable as they usually are, and your teeth can pay the price. This is especially true on long plane trips or on road trips where you use snacks and drinks to stay awake and to keep kids entertained.

Try to avoid snacks that coat or stick to the teeth. For example, fruit snacks, dried fruit, chips, and dry crackers are hard on your teeth because they leave a residue that can cling to the teeth and provide a steady sugary diet for harmful bacteria.

Instead, snack on fruits and vegetable when possible, and follow snacks with water. Swish the water to help remove food particles.

Keep your teeth healthy even when you’re on vacation. For more questions about dental care, contact our team at Pembroke Pines Dental. We can help the whole family keep their teeth healthy this summer.

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